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Is Roscoe ready for a new multi-million dollar park?

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PostSubject: Is Roscoe ready for a new multi-million dollar park?   Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:09 pm

Scott Richardson says yes. The man who falsified documents to file bankruptcy for his own
financial woes is helping Roscoe now... helping us go where?
Scott has worked overtime this election season. He has created a deal with developer Jeff
Petry. The deal information has been passed on to the local papers or a select few. Then other
trustees are rushing to find out what is going on... only because residents are calling them to find
out information... that they have no knowledge of.
The deal... Petry had some unbuildable land…and he kept hearing that Scott Richardson and a
few people in Chicory Ridge say they wanted to make a park out of this swamp land…and
because the squeaky wheels kept squeaking for a park…Petry thought…
geez…if they WANT that swamp land so bad…I’m going to give it to ‘em…but while I’m
at it I may as well ask for all kinds of stuff that would never get passed any other
way....cause after all Richardson will do ANYTHING to get a vote and Krienke loves to
make back room deals (makes him feel important) So…if they want it …I’ll get everything
I want!!!
And Petry asks himself …”what can I ask for???”… Hmmm …I’ll make them accept all
of the roads in all of the areas I’ve built in. And I’ll ask for them to not fine me for
building my fence too high…..hahahha…and they won’t be able to fine me for breaking
their laws…. And while I’m at it I’ll make them never be able to force me to build a fence
or do any improvements on the swamp land…hahaha…and I’ll ask for the land in Hawks
Pointe to go back to residential…but I’ll take away the parkland that I had promised
them….haha…. And the lots in Hawks Pointe will be 85’ lots…(even though Scott just got
through saying he would NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER 85’ lot…he will!!!...cause he
NEEDS the votes…hahaha. They will never agree to all of this …but…I’ll keep
asking…and they will have to let me burn piles of trees…and I’ll ask for 2 lots to be made
into 4… and I’ll ask for some more multifamily lots …(even though Scott said he would
never vote for anymore rental units…he will……cause he won’t want to lose any votes).
And they will have to assume all the risk with this waste land…and they will now own
it…and I can be free of it!! This is just too good to be true…are these people gonna fall
for this??? Hahaha…AND…if that weren’t sweet enough…I, Jeff Petry will get a big
huge TAX DEDUCTION FOR DONATING THIS (waste/swamp/worthless to
me/unbuildable/) LAND…sweeeeeet!!!!!
Sound like some good thinking? Maybe if you’re Petry Development.
The park would be nice... but at what cost? Are we just taking over a huge financial burden to
Petry? Petry will likely get a nice tax deduction for the donation; the village will get a place that
could cost $100,000 just to make it useable. Excavation work needs to be done, seeding, and
fencing. All at a time when the Village is cutting anything and everything they can to balance
our budget. But by taking this park... these things will need to be done because we will have
opened ourselves up to the liability that Petry currently has... and now wants to pass on. December 8, 2008
Let's thank our financially minded trustee Scott Richardson. I'm sure he has thought of the costs
involved... if not he can just raise his voice in the meetings to make it sound like he has taken
care of things and to intimidate others to drop the issue. Costs like any possible increase in
liability insurance, annual maintenance costs for mowing, signage, a fence around the pond,
roads, possible mosquito control, and costs associated with equipment usage.
Scott is in the process of giving away the integrity of the Village. All for the sole purpose of
gaining election votes. As I have stated before, he understands that this election requires the
votes of the Chicory Ridge. And he has promised a group of supporters there a park, bike paths,
sidewalks, and a new entrance. Are any of these things bad? No. But if you live in Roscoe…
has he worked overtime for a park in your subdivision? (In fact Scott has grumbled and
complained about all parks expenditures until now…remember votes votes votes.) Have you
seen him door to door lately? He only seems to be “working” the gullible Chicory Ridge
people…who he is promising EVERYTHING to…including telling them there is money
available for all of their demands…..even though the recent budget cuts indicate that money has
been spent at an alarming rate by this current board….and that cuts have had to be made and this
means the funds he is promising them is shrinking quickly. Also, another very important thing to
note that Scott has failed to inform Chicory Ridge residents…is that the sidewalks he promises
them….will need to be paid for by the residents through a special assessment…and that the
improvement will then raise their taxes. Scott has said the Village of Roscoe “could” foot the
entire bill…But, should ALL the taxpayers in Roscoe have to PAY for their sidewalks…(just for
Scott to get their votes.?) I think the rest of Roscoe should be standing up and saying enough of
this. The rest of Roscoe should not be accountable for election promises made by Mr.
Richardson for sidewalks or any other improvements in Chicory Ridge.
Is it in the best interest of the Village to accept a park with so many strings attached and so much
initial cost? Are the ordinances that our trustees passed to protect the Village to be broken the
best interest of the Village? Whose best interest are the trustees elected to watch out for? Once
again I think that Mr. Richardson is looking our ONLY for HIS best interest and not that of the
Community as he was elected.
Acceptance of the land for a park will cost the community large amounts of cash at a time when
the budgets are in trouble. But the initial spending for the park will be required to minimize and
potential lawsuits and make the property usable and accessible. As a member of our finance
Committee and of a recent bankruptcy I would have thought that Mr. Richardson could see that
this is NOT in the best interest of the community at this time.
So what does the deal boil down to?
What does Petry Development get?
1. He unloads his property that is unbuildable swamp land that is now worthless and
becoming a large liability.
2. Force the village to accept all the roads in all his developments without any stipulations.
3. Have all fines waived for the Village Ordinances that were broken December 8, 2008
4. Remove all responsibility for Petry Development to build a fence around the pond or
any other improvements.
5. Ask for the commercial land in Hawks Pointe to go back to residential, and take away
the park land I promised the Village, and while things are free request the 85’ lots.
(that Scott said he would NEVER vote for)
6. Obtain a special burning permit to burn all the trees in his developments without
7. Keeps his fence built at a height of 8’ (with full knowledge it was not allowed) when
all other residents must live with 6’ heights.
What Roscoe can expect?
1. Increased Taxes, Roscoe cannot afford a liability of this size in this economy
2. Trustee Scott Richardson to approve this (Needs the election votes from Chicory Ridge
and also recently said he would “NEVER vote for another 85’ lot” – A sign of broken
promises? Look out Chicory Ridge).
3. Wiping away all rules, regulations, and ordinances to accept a PACKAGE deal.
4. Setting precedence for potential lawsuits from other developers looking for 85’ lots to
maximize their profits.
5. Additional resident request for variance on fence height…precedence has also been set.
So what happens if the Village says “NO” to this deal?
1. Petry will have to settle his fence issue, reduce the height, and pay fines to the Village.
2. As with all developments, Petry will still be required to supply park space for the new
subdivision across from Chicory Ridge.
3. Petry Development will likely need to correct issues at the pond area as required by the
4. Roscoe will be able to plan and budget for additional park space instead of a knee jerk
5. The Village will not have set precedence for 85’ lots to allow other developers to again
attempt to force in additional 85’ lots. This I feel is not as big of an issue, because the
85’ lots that would be allowed will be in LIKE use for the remainder of a subdivision
that ALREADY has 85’ lots. So any attempt at a legal stand on this issue would be a
far stretch for a new subdivision over the completion of this subdivision with
allowing the same size lots.
Now to be fair, I must mention that in Chicory Ridge there is only a small group of people who
are pushing heavily for this. Many other residents are just starting to express their disapproval
for this new park to trustees and have even contacted the newspapers. Residents understand that
a park like this being proposed does not come free and the possibility of tax increases to bail out
a developer are not appealing. If they want sidewalks, street lights, and other niceties being
promised by Mr. Richardson, then they may get what they want. What they are not being told is
that those items will likely become a special assessment to their taxes to pay for the new
What should be done? I called and talked to Trustee Atkins about the issue and I like her
idea. Place the issue in a spring referendum and ask the voters.
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Is Roscoe ready for a new multi-million dollar park?

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