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Things are going to get bad

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Mrs Doom

PostSubject: Things are going to get bad   Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:38 pm

REAL BAD!!!! This is from another forum
Back in March of 2008 I tried to warn everyone about what was coming up. I could NOT believe how many people were upset with me. I received some of the worst e mails and responses that I can think off. Everyone one was saying that I was crazy. One of the worst parts about it all was how everyone kept talking about the 2 dates I gave. (Sept08, Feb09) Even tho I was right about September and who knows about next month, that seemed like all everyone was concerned with. Now remember I said "the plan as of right now" I guess people on the internet don't realize that plans can and do change. The bottom line here is that after people saw that I was right, the first thing people did was panic. Now I have said many times there's no problems only solutions. I have received hundreds upon hundreds of questions about what to do next, and what else is going to happen. The ironic thing about it is a lot of the people saying I was crazy are now asking questions. Well this is the bottom line. The dollar is going to fall, which could bring Hyper Inflation. The same people saying we weren't in a recession are now saying the market has bottomed out. DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! We are going into a depression. And no not like 1929. Back then 90% of the people were self sufficient. Now days 90% of people depend on China Mart. The other 10% are not self sufficient because only about 5% of them know how to hunt. The other 5% just have back yard gardens. My point is this
Buy Food ASAP
Buy Water ASAP
Have some cash on hand
Have some silver or gold on hand
Have something to protect your family
Think of it like this. You wake up one saturday morning and all seems normal. You go down stairs to make breakfast for the kids, but realize the fridge is off. You then realize that the power is out. So you pick up the phone and there is no dial tone. Well no big deal you can just hop in the car and go buy some food. On your way to the store you soon realize you have no gas left in the tank. So now you get to the store and it is chaos everywhere. How long can you protect your family? Keep in mind that LAPDs first step in preparing for food riots is to stand back and observe. So to answer everyones question I don't know what else is going to happen. But I do know my uncle told me to get out of the dollar. He said gold will hit 2000 an oz by next year. But he recommends buying silver right now. But before you spend all your money on gold, remember that food will determine the price of gold. I hope this helps you guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Things are going to get bad   Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:00 pm

Yeah I have my fair share of food stored.
In my pantry confused
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Things are going to get bad

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