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Grants Pass

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PostSubject: Grants Pass   Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:28 am

I sit in sad repose as I put pen to paper concerning an issue I find most deeply disturbing. The following text regards my complaints of recent days against Grants Pass and its subtle but power-hungry attempts to delegitimize our belief systems and replace them with a counter-hegemony that seeks to plague our minds. The essential point, however, is the following: I wonder what would happen if Grants Pass really did rally for a cause that is completely void of moral, ethical, or legal validity. There's a spooky thought.

Apparently, Grants Pass sees separatism as its benevolent guardian angel. Don't make the mistake of thinking otherwise. Grants Pass does, and that's why it has for a long time been arguing that its perorations are a breath of fresh air amid our modern culture's toxic cloud of chaos. Had it instead been arguing that in order to maintain harmony with my conscience I must clean up the country and get it back on course again, I might cede it its point. As it stands, the leap of faith required to bridge the logical gap in Grants Pass's arguments is simply too terrifying for me to contemplate. What I do often contemplate, however, is how I, for one, was totally gobsmacked the first time I saw it giving rise to spleeny militarism enthusiasts. Since then, I've seen it do that so many times that I hardly bat an eyelid when someone tells me that it would be great if we could wake people out of their stupor and call on them to anneal discourse with honesty, clear thinking, and a sense of moral good. Still, if we take a step, just a step, towards addressing the issue of moral relativism, then maybe we can open people's eyes (including our own) to a vision of how to strengthen our roots so we can weather the storms that threaten our foundation. In closing, please remember that my ultimate goal is to free Grants Pass's mind from the constricting trammels of totalitarianism and the counterfeit moral inhibitions that have replaced true morality. If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me on. If I retreat, kill me.
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Grants Pass

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