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How to get a peice of the bailout pie

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PostSubject: How to get a peice of the bailout pie   Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:50 am

Step 1: Look Very Depressed....very sad and depressed Sad Sad Sad Sad
Step 2: Wear a really cheap suit...if it isn't ripped rip it...tell everyone it's your last suit you got to wear. santa santa santa even if its a santa suit!
Step 3: Insist the money is for the kids...Insist they are sleeping on the streets.
Step 4: When they take a break and hand you food....don't eat it wrap it up. Tell them you are taking it to your aforementioned kids.
Step 5: Explain that your workers are very angry and have guns.
Step 6: Don't do the me TOO thing, Tell them your case is different...Tell them you truly are pathetic
Step 7: Take pills with you to the congress hearing...I mean lots of them all sizes and colors...Keep taking em...tell them you are on the edge...Start twitching and talking to yourself...People get nervous around a twitching person....for good measure keep talking to yourself

Can't promise that this will get you your bailout...but It can't hurt....
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How to get a peice of the bailout pie

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